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High performance hard floor cleaning
Powerful, high-absorption microfibre cleaning heads mean you don’t have to put your back into cleaning any more. PowerGlide’s powerful cleaning heads rotate at 250rpm and its microfibre pads first absorb and then lock away dirt and grime as it glides.

Producing brilliant results with PowerGlide is fast and easy, it cleans up to 20sqm per minute and right up to edges with no cord to hold you back.
2-in-1 cleaning and polishing
PowerGlide doesn’t just clean your floors to perfection, it also polishes to a perfect shine.

Our 21cm microfibre cleaning and polishing pads ensure that dirt is absorbed and locked away into their fibres to allow you to also polish as you clean.
Lightweight and almost silent
PowerGlide weighs in at just 3kg (6.6lbs) thanks to its efficient engineering, plus the power of its rotating cleaning heads makes it feel even lighter, to give you that gliding sensation.

PowerGlide is so quiet in operation that it’s been awarded the Quiet Mark award for solutions to unwanted noise.
Easy to use
Glide between any hard floor surfaces without any settings to change with PowerGlide. Its cleaning heads are powerful enough to collect dirt and grime as it glides and gentle enough to care for wooden floors, tiles, vinyl, laminate & natural stone, slate, marble and granite.

PowerGlide’s adjustable telescopic handle adapts to your height to give you perfectly comfortable steering and it folds flat to allow you reach right underneath furniture.
Long run-time cordless power
A high performance, removeable lithium Ion battery provides 30-40 minutes of high performance cleaning from a single charge and quickly recharges in just 2 hours. Simply unclip the battery from Powerglide for charging and plug in wherever is most convenient.
Machine-washable microfibre pads
Our high-absorption microfibre cleaning and polishing pads are positively charged so they actually attract dirt and grease. Plus they are machine washable, so you can wash and reuse them again and again, no matter how much dirt they have collected!

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